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Identify Goals

Understanding the issues and options with respect to insuring health care needs are the primary goals for deciding how to obtain and pay for the costs associated with health insurance. The experienced, licensed agents at Asset Protection Network are here to help navigate the necessary decisions. In general, there are several key areas that the decision path will involve:

Understanding the issues – Access to good, affordable health care and prescription drugs is key throughout an individual’s life. As individuals age, the question of insuring care for debilitating illness, frailty, and injury usually arises. Where will health care be delivered? Is there choice in selecting physicians and hospitals? How will health care needs be paid, and who will pay?

Establishing a plan – Whether an individual is young or old, a plan for obtaining and receiving health care services is critical. Does everyone need health insurance – why or why not? Will an individual or an employer pay for health insurance? How will qualifying for Medicare affect employer insurance or individual insurance? How does an individual qualify for Medicare coverage, disability, or long-term care insurance? Who will provide care for family members that need long term care? All these questions can and should be addressed in developing a lifelong plan for health care. Community and government resources should be explored.

Reviewing options – There are always options with insurance coverage for individuals, families, and groups. Insurance can be obtained to cover an individual’s health, prescription drugs, long term care, disability, and final expense needs. Annuities can be explored as income streams to pay for long term care needs.

Bring Ideas to Life

Once an individual’s goals for obtaining health insurance have been explored and established, an experienced agent can present plan(s) for consideration. Enrollment in the selected insurance plans can happen during annual and special enrollment periods. Asset Protection Network offers insurance plans from many different carriers, and there is a plan for most individuals that want one.

Provide Additional Business Services

  • Analysis and comparison of existing employer retirement insurance plans with those commercial plans available in the retiree’s market area for potential savings
  • Review of all insurance that you may have to assure you have no duplication or gaps
  • Commercial comprehensive dental insurance plans
  • Changing enrollments in Medicare plans after moving to a new state or region of the country
  • Assistance with long term care insurance claims filing